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Thanks to the 4th of July with its awesome firework fails, the hot sun bringing out the hot girls in their bikini fails, and other epic fails, this July fails compilation can feature some of the best fails of the year so far! Enjoy!
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Original Links:
Firework Sparks Spray Man in the Face
Scooterist Tries Jumping down Porch Steps and Falls Through
Girl Wipes out on Pool Deck
Kid Faceplants Trying to Do No-Handed Push-Up
Cyclist Crashes into Another Rider while Snapchatting
Kid Flips off Swing Trying to Jump with No Hands
Kitten Fails Jumping Off Bed
BMXer Faceplants Trying to Jump Loading Dock
Woman Immediately Flips Over Front of Mechanical Bull
Surfing Motorcyclist Flips Over Handlebars
Boulder Slides into Lake and Narrowly Misses Boat
Summer Bobsled Training Goes Wrong
Crowd-Rafter Falls Overboard at Steve Aoki Show
Woman Falls and Husband Couldn’t Care Less
Headstand #FAIL
Mercedes Crashes with Three Other Cars During Race
Elvis Performer Scares Passersby by Acting as Statue
Post-Op Teen Gets Sassy and Tells off Amused Parents (Pt. 2/2)
Diver Breaks Deck and Faceplants Before Reaching Pool
Bike Wall Ride Fail
Guy Attempts to Slackline Across River but Falls In
Wooden Knife Hits Guy on Head during Self Defense Demo
Trampoline Double Backflip Faceplant
Man Slips and Falls Off Waterfall Cliff
Man Walks into Glass Door
Teen Breaks Fingers Trying to Jump off Swing into Pool
Parkour Kid Loses Shoes after Front Flip
Pull-Up Bar Mishap Ends Home Workout in Pain
Skatebaord Ramp FAIL
Man Immediately Falls off Mechanical Bull
Mini Van Crashes Head On into Oncoming Car
Guy Scares Girl Coming out of Bathroom
Blue Angels Flyby Sends Beachside Tents Flying
Biker Faceplants Off Skatepark Ramp
Human Battering Ram Car Stunt Fail



  1. Marjan Valentincic January 13, 2016
  2. Chris Morales January 13, 2016
  3. Bill Jorge January 13, 2016
  4. kevin morris January 13, 2016
  5. Namyah C January 13, 2016
  6. Efe Topçuoğlu January 13, 2016
  7. Bill White January 13, 2016
  8. OMGgames January 13, 2016
  9. Singh. Shubham January 13, 2016
  10. Clashers January 13, 2016
  11. Övünç Çalışkan January 13, 2016
  12. Daniel Watts January 13, 2016
  13. Vampire Knight January 13, 2016
  14. Kris Stojcevski January 13, 2016
  15. Safa Çinkılıç January 13, 2016
  16. TitanRiffs January 13, 2016
  17. Peter Erickson Origami January 13, 2016
  18. Santi, Roman January 13, 2016
  19. Akkustikheld January 13, 2016
  20. mustafa1the1gamer January 13, 2016

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