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What a month May has been! And we have these amazing fails to remember it by! Click to subscribe for more awesome Fails! ►
To see all the individual clips featured in this compilation check out ►Hard Face Plant on Lake
Yatch Crash
Dylan Wrecked bY Jacob
Bike Accident
Dirty Dancing Fail
Backflip Gone Wrong
Car stuck in reverse
Double Helix Pine Kick
Cat Faceplants off Roof
Drunk Guy With Suitcase
vorderbremse fail
Small Child Gets Raild
Skateboard FAil in Lake
Kid Hit by RC Car
Bullriding Gone Wrong
YoYo Trick Fail
Cables come undone
Massive Mountainbike Crash
Fall of BigFoot Goji
Epic Front Flip Fail
Parking Gate Fail
Shirt Stuck on BMX Bike
Stunt Fail
Biggest Rage Ever
Slack Line Fail
Dumb Shoplifter
Television Fail
Table Tenni Fail
Husband Runs Over Wife
Basketball Dunk Fail
Backflip over Spine fail..
Moose Charges Mountain Bikers
Double Titty Twister Fail | Crash Into Band
Playground Climbing Fail
Epic Kite Fail–_26S
Skateboarder Spills Cofee–_26S
6 year old faceplant
Truck smashes into overpass
Cameraman with Mud

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