Big Air Fails Compilation || “I Believe I Can Fly” By FailArmy 2016

Have you ever seen someone fly a little bit too high?? Have you ever jumped and realized the ground is a little too far away?? This compilation is dedicated to that split second when you believe you can fly!! Let us know what you think in the comment section and don’t forget to submit your videos at Salute!!!

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Bride Gets Blobbed for Wedding Send-Off
Human Slingshot Double Flip Ends in Flop
Skier Crashes on Big Air Jump
Gymnast Launched Off Inflatable Faceplants
BMX Backflip Fail Sends Bike Flying
Speed Ice Skater Faceplants
Guy Jumps off Roof Holding Umbrella
Hang Glider Crash
Motocrosser Catches Big Air Only to Plow into Sand Dune N/A
Rope Swinger Misses Water Landing
Girl Gets Launched off Giant Beach Ball
Land Cruiser Dirt Jump Crash
BMX Tail Whip Attempt to Faceplant
Guy Jumps from Trampoline into Frontflip in Gym
Skier Jump Fail Loses Ski
Paraglider Crashes in Water upon Landing
Man Tumbles into Water
Girl Catches Major Air
Man Crashes to Water from Kite Tube
Scooter Rider Slams Back after Backflip
Skier Tumbles Down Mountain after Jump
Pole Vaulter Shatters Pole
Mother-Daughter Try to Do Yoga
Wakeboarder Loses Board
BMX Dirt Jump Fail
Girl Faceplants Water
Guy Falls through Trampoline after Backflip
Guy Bails Backflip and Loses Ski
Huge Slip-N-Slide Bellyflop
Wheel Gets Launched by Airbags and Smashes Car Window
Cigar Boat Catches Air N/A
Power Kite Pulls Girl along Grass
Gymnast Pops Air Barrel during Front Flip
Snowboard Faceplant off Huge Jump at Red Bull Competition
Skier Faceplants after Jump
Kiteboarder Flies Out of Control
Guy Trips while Jumping into Water with Siblings
Guy Rides Bike and Bails into a Frontflip
Little Kid Launched off Blob



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  17. Fedora Neckbeard July 25, 2016

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