Fails of the Month: Stuck The Landing!! || FailArmy

It’s the end of March, which means Fails of the Month is here with some girl fails, pool fails, and a few workout fails. See one you love? Let us know in the comments below! Have a few of your own? Submit them to!!

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Original Links:
Snowboarder Pileup
Girl Falls Off Slack Line
Guy Falls After Punching Game
Guy Attempts to Break Through Wood Plank
Guy Hits Car with Skateboard
Wakeboard Rider Has Terrible Wipeout
Pickup Truck Runs Straight Into a Snow Bank
Guy Spins Out of Skis
Skateboarder Lands With Sign In Between Crotch
Guy Hits Head with Balls on Rope
Gymnast Accidentally Kicks Ball at Camera
Guy Hits Chandelier Above Him
Gymnasts Falls and Lands on Neck n/a
Guy Kicks Brother During Flip
BMX Rider Slams into Ground after Failed Jump
Guy Can’t Stand on Bar
Sled Rider Tumbles Down Mountain
Golfer Can’t Get Ball out of Sandpit
Fitness Enthusiast Falls Off Box
Woman Attempts to Open Champagne With Saber and Fails
Police Car Runs Into Parked Car
Dad Can’t Float on Inner Tube
Unicyclist Shows Off Fall
Guy Attempts to Do Flying Pushups
Dirt Biker Fails to Front Flip n/a
Shirtless Guy Tries to Play with Nunchucks
Guy Struggles to Put Boat Back Onto Trailer
Sand Boarder Face Plants
Car Sinks into Harbor
Dad Tries to Use Inversion Table

Fails of the Month: Stuck The Landing!! || FailArmy

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Fails of the Month: Stuck The Landing!! || FailArmy



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