Funny Animal Fails: Just In Time For Election 2016 | Fail Army

Need a break of the 2016 election coverage? Check out these funny animals, and let us know if the comments section which is your favorite! Also, be sure to submit your funny fail videos to us at!!

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Original Links:
Ostrich Steals All the Food
Wedding Pictures Get Interrupted by Mounting Bull
Corgi Plays Games while Being Mounted
Goat Jumps in Box
Dog Reacts to Baby Coming Home
Goose Falls off Kayak and Plays it Cool
Dog Tackles Girl in Snow
Goat Tries to Jump Across Table and Falls
Hamster Flies Off Wheel
Giraffes Lick Pole
Squirrel Bites Peacocks Feathers
Turtle Tries to Climb Up Ledge and Falls Over
Penguin Tumbles Down Hill
Dog vs. Chicken
Baby Knocked Over by Goat
Baby Goat Can’t Escape Fence
Goat Gets Stuck in a Hole
Llama Spits in Woman’s Face
Talking Antelope Seems Confused
Ferret Pull Up Fail
Mouse Climbs up Woman’s Pants
Girl Gets Attacked by Peacock during Selfie
Giraffe Licks Camera
Monkey Jumps for Rope and Misses
Kitten Tries to Drink From Cup
Emu Freaks out on Lady in Car
Fat Raccoon Faceplants into Wall
Goat Gets Blown Over
Bull Moose Gets Leaves and Branches Stuck in Antlers
Dog Steals Nanny’s Lunch
Hamster Jumps and Falls Through Crack
Raccoon Steals Cell Phone
Little Dog Chases Black Bear
Goat Falls Off Ramp
Alpaca Blows Smoke
Kangaroo Catches and Releases Pigeon
Horse Kicks Woman
Dolphin Steals iPad
Baby Joey Scratches Itself
Guy Rescues Kangaroo Rat
Dog Slips Off Couch
Toddler Knocked Down by Goat
Deer Tries to Mate with Girl

Funny Animal Fails: Just In Time For Election 2016 || Fail Army



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