Lake Fails: Time For A Shower (April 2017) || FailArmy

Extreme tubing, barefoot water skiing, faceplants on the water… just another day on the lake! Let us know in the comments which fail made you laugh the hardest! If you’ve got any funny fail videos of your own, send them to us at!! Cheers.

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Paddleboarding Double Fail
Hotshot Barefoot Waterskier Faceplants Water
ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Pourer Falls into Water
Wakeboarder Slams Into Picnic Table
BMX Lake Jump Off Ramp Fail
Fish Frees Self from Fisherman’s Hands
Speedo Rope Swing Gets Foot Caught Fail
Girl Feeding Ducks Slides into Lake
Cliff Diver Face Plants Into Water
First Attempt at Barefoot Waterskiing Ends in Failure
Dachshund Dog Misses Dock
Fisherman Catches Own Hat
Three Guys On A Water Tube Fail
Waterski Backflip Ends in Painful Fall
Guy Falls Out of Canoe
Waterskier Crashes into Water
Guy Rides in Old Boat
Piggy Back on Dock Fail
Dirt Bike Rider Crashes into Ramp near Lake
Yogis Handstand on Paddle Boards and Fall
Guy Faceplants in the Water
Jet Ski Showoff Ends Up in Water n/a
Barefoot Wakeboarder Face Plants
Tubing Guys Get Thrown from Boat
Kid Jumps to Stairs and Falls in Water
Barefoot Waterskier Crashes off Jump
Guy Fails to Enter Lake in Kayak
Son Drops Tablet Into Lake
Mom Falls off Boat
Zipline Pulls Waterskier into Lake
Guy Falls out of Canoe
Photographer Taken Out by Lake Michigan Wave
Rope Swing Fail Soaks Clothes
Guy Fails while Biking Off Lake Jump
Skateboarding Fail into Lake



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