That’s A Sideways Wheelie!: Throwback Thursday (August 2017) || FailArmy

Who’s ready for some throwbacks? We’ve got failed wheelie attempts, a few crazy bellyflops and a lot more funny fails! Submit your videos to and leave a comment below!!


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Motorcyclist Falls Off During Wheelie Attempt
Camel Puts Mouth Over Woman’s Head
Unicyclist Falls Off Rocky Hill
Kid Tries to Walk on Barrel
Guy Falls During Virtual Reality Demo
Kid Breaks Light Trying to Shoot Basketball
Friends Break Tree Swing
Dirt Biker Flies off Cliff
Hammocks Break Tree
Girl Belly Flops into Lake
Little Girl Faceplants Snow
Drone Captures Longboarder Fall
Boy Hits Head on Edge of Trampoline
Skier Backflips and Faceplants Snow
Mountain Bikers Speed down Trail and Jump off Ramps
Guy Tries to Backflip off Boat
Kayaker Faceplants Off 30-Foot Waterfall
Husky Dog Poops Mid-Run
Guy Tries to Run Across Balance Beam
Drunk Guy on Bike
Bicyclists Fly out of Control on Stairs
Ferry Hits Boat
Friends Pull Chair Out From Sleeping Friend
Cat Tries to Grab Food on Top of Mini Fridge
Drone Gets Caught in Tree
Girl Gets Swept Away by Wave
Skier Does Splits on Tube
Olive Branch Falls on Tree Cutter
Guy Falls Off Electric Scooter and Breaks it
Unsuccessful Rocket Launcher
Guy Face Plants on Surfing Simulator
Drone Captures Amazing Beach Footage before Falling
Forest Bike Jump
Man Jumps Into Pile of Snow Butt Naked
Skier Tries to Do Backflip for the First Time
Guy Falls into Water During Photoshoot
Wiper Hits Girl’s Face
Little Girl Falls Putting Up Dish Towel
Van Takes out Cyclers
Girl’s Hair Catches on Fire while Blowing out Candles
Guy Falls Backward Off Bike
Dog Knocks Down Little Girl
Guy Tries to Climb Wall with Hammers
Girl Throws Hula Hoop over Cliff
Pole Breaks on Dancer
Grandfather Falls Off Scooter
Gun Shot Causes 5 Gallon Bucket of Water to Explode
Toy Jeep Race
Baby Burns Finger on Candle
Car Gets Stopped by Cop After Illegal Move
Guy Hits Back on Trampoline
Firecracker Explodes in Toilet
Teen Falls Out of Tree
Toddler Falls Asleep While Being Fed
Girl Falls while Using Unsecured Pole
Drone Fails to Take Flight
Skier Collides with Wiped Out Snowboarder
Dog Attacks Mini Drone
Dog Falls Trying to Catch Cat
Kayak Takes out other Boaters
Little Girl Can’t Push Shopping Cart
Girl Fails at Back Handspring
Man Carrying Couch Hits Ceiling Fan
Bike Rider Falls Down Bowl Ramp
Rollerblader Body Slams Cement
Women Fight over Bouquet
Bike Rider Falls Down Bowl Ramp
Dirtbiker Falls at Top of Ramp
Gymnast Faceplants Mat
Giant Wedding Cake Falls
Skater Falls Hard In Between Rail
BMX Rider Injures Nuts
Guy Falls While Dancing



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