The Wheels Are Coming Off!: Throwback Fails (December 2017) | FailArmy

Awwww yea, throwback Thursday is taking it back for some hilarious fails. We’ve got a few funny gym fails, a buck gone rogue and boyfriend pranking his girlfriend! Have a favorite? Let us know about it in the comments. Don’t have a favorite? Just say what’s up!


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Guy Does Flips on Slackline and Falls
Guy Fails to Jump Onto Trampoline
Girls Attempt to Create Funny Video and Break Swing Set
Twirling Hula Hoop Breaks Light
Girl Falls Off Planter
Couple Falls Off Hoverboard
Airplane Crashes on an Airfield
Girl Constantly Scares Friend
Dog Spreads Craft Items Around House
Deer Breaks into House
Boy Falls off Pull-Up Bar
Guy Wipes out on Mountain Bike
Friend Attempts Stunts in Toy Car
Weight Flies off Bar During Workout
Girl Falls into River Attempting to Cross over Log
Aerial Dancer Falls Hard at Practice
DUI Driver Crashed into Light Pole
Girl Shows off Flexibility Skills and Falls Over
Guy Falls off Pull-Up Bar
Truck Gets Stuck in Mud and Flips Over
Guy Falls into Water after Flip Attempt
Stone Bounces into Teens Face
Man Falls offf Homemade Chair Swing
Man on Motorbike Crashed into Bushed
This is How you Build up a Combo
Guy Attempts to Jump over Barbed Wire Fence
Boyfriend Hits Girlfriend’s Head with Basketball
Biker’s Front Wheels Falls off upon Landing Trick
Truck Sideswipes Driver who Quickly Attempted to Merge into Land
Man Backflips Off Statue Faceplants
Guy Accidentally Kicks Girl in Head
Guy Has Close Encounter with Giraffe
Kid Accidentally Gets Hit in Face with Bottle
Guy Attempts to Swing from Branch and Falls into Water



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